Oxytocin Junkies

Oxytocin Junkies

Since the beginning of our journey together we’ve known we like to be with dogs, pat them, take care of them, give affection to them and receive it back. To name only a few things from our relationship with them. A lot of people are brave enough to admit they love their dogs way more than they love family members. It’s OK, don’t feel guilty if you’re one of these. You’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

Appeasement or calming signals and stress signals

This knowledge about appeasement and stress signals has been around for a while, although, I really don’t know why, professionals in the dog world don’t inform properly dog owners about them. And this is really important, both to avoid big unpleasant stuff and also to learn how to speak with your or any dog. Also because people misunderstand quite a lot signs like licking.

In pictures: Evolution of Orchidectomy

Even though we were absolutely sure it was the right thing to do, we were terribly scared about the surgery. General anaesthesia, to name one of the smallest worries, and then from the scarring process to medication, every point, we took care of our beloved dog. But we were so worried, we were asking the vet at every point of the recovery.

Fleas & ticks: a good plan to keep your dog safe

Starting from March, many bugs populate back the mountains, fields and sometimes even the streets, posing a huge danger for dogs.

Ticks and fleas are widely known for not only making miserable the life of the poor pooch where they live, but also for carrying so many and sometimes fatal diseases. There are many methods responsible, loving owners can apply to protect your dog from these hateful little monsters.

My Ears

With my both dogs I happened to find myself in a situation where every other month I had to take them to the vet to treat ear infections. It was like this for about a year. I really would have appreciated that the different vets I visited could have pointed me into the right direction, instead of making me putting tons of antibiotics into my dog’s ears, for so long, with the subsequent spent of time and money.

First Things First: When Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is a decision that has to be made both with your heart but also with your head. And getting a grown-up dog can be a not-so-easy task.
Although you might wind up with an extremely affectionate, well-behaved, easy to get-along-with and healthy pet, this scenario may not always be the case.

My Mouth

Taking care of a dog’s mouth is not usually a thing too many people do. Sometimes it may seem impossible, too.
However, if you really care for them, you need to allocate some time and effort to this routine. At least every other day, you need to clean your dog’s mouth.