Oxytocin Junkies

Since the beginning of our journey together we’ve known we like to be with dogs, pat them, take care of them, give affection to them and receive it back. To name only a few things from our relationship with them. A lot of people are brave enough to admit they love their dogs way more than they love family members. It’s OK, don’t feel guilty if you’re one of these. You’re not alone. Not by a long shot. The culprit is this amazing hormone called Oxytocin.

Oxytocin Junkies: looking at each other in the eye increases this hormone’s level.

During the last 50 years a lot of Universities have increased their conducted researches about why this amazing connection and the ways it has to affect our bodies. Science have confirmed through very sophisticated methods something long time known by us: water wets.

What Science has to say about Oxytocin

So by performing MRI’s and blood tests that can show the biochemical changes in dogs and people while interacting, studies have found that when you pat your dog in both of you certain brain areas are activated and you both get a shot of Oxytocin, also called the love hormone. 

What’s this Oxytocin accountable for? Well… everything! 

Oxytocin is the main character who drives mothers to, in spite of lack of sleep, hunger, tiredness, and any other need they may have,  give priority to take care of their babies. It’s also the culprit when someone makes something -to the eyes of others-, very stupid, in the name of love. Yes, you don’t stand a chance between anyone and this powerful biochemical wonder who is capable of the most admirable acts of sacrifice and betrayal. If you want to learn more about Oxytocin in humans, here is a very interesting article.

How do YOU feel Oxytocin? And your dog?

Studies have also found that when your dog’s gaze meets with yours, oxytocin is again invading your cells.

And Oxytocin is the one you can hold responsible for all the acts your dog does to please you; they are oxytocin junkies and you are their provider. So when an skeptical trainer tells you that your dog makes everything you want, not because they love you, but because they’re interested in food or play, don’t reply to this nonsense and keep enjoying the sweet feeling oxytocin is working on you when you KNOW your furry angel feels the same amount of love flooding you give to them. 

This little fella is responsible then for many of the great tales between dogs and humans, some details explained in my post Why are Dogs in Our Lives , if you want to keep reading and elevating your blood’s  Oxytocins levels :)

You might be too an Oxytocin junkie, and you don’t know it…

Have a wonderful day.

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