I'm Cooper


I’m Cooper, a Hungarian Vizsla rescued dog. This page tells my story and the amazing journey me and my family are going through. I hope other owners can find here valuable and positive information about the wonderful experience that is to change a dog’s life.


Born a pure-pedigree bred-to-hunt Vizsla, in the countryside of Spain, in a farm, and owned by a hunter, you don’t have many choices in life, but to hunt.

Unfortunately (or, in this case, very fortunately for all of us!), I wasn’t “suitable” for hunting. So my former master chose to sell me (instead of getting rid of me, which is actually what many hunters do with such dogs). 


This is how I ended up with my Family. Unfortunately they didn’t enjoy me as a cute little puppy (I was 15 months old when they got me), but they did give me a second chance. This is how a story of how to improve your life through a dog began. And of course how to take care of me and make me as happiest as possible. I really hope you enjoy it and can take advantage of our learnings and experiences, and I’d like you to participate and share yours, as this site is dedicated to Pure Dog Love.

Thanks for reading! Take care and see you around!