Cuando Un Amigo se Va



“Ese vacío que deja el amigo que se va…

… Es como un pozo sin fondo que no se vuelve a llenar” 



 Amazing Pic by Alvis Taurēns


A Sevillana’s lyrics that translates into something like “the void left by a friend is like a bottomless well that will never get filled again”. A bit weird. But exactly the same feeling you have when you lose a friend.

Emilio Ferrer had been Cooper’s vet.I sent to Emilio’s phone a couple of pictures of something Cooper has in his right front foot for a consultation. Then I got a phone call from his wife.Emilio has passed away during these summer holidays. His wife told me it was a quick thing, and he was even celebrating with friends, so he didn’t suffer. For that I’m very grateful, as this man was a lovely soul that not only tended with devotion and professionalism every single pet he saw, but also contributed to several animal shelters and foundations. 

“He’s not with us anymore”, told me his wife. But that’s not true. He will always be. A little bit of him is with my dear Cooper, as it’s his doing in part how healthy our dog is, and also with Diana, because he’d show the same tenderness when he met her, but most of all, he will be always with everyone who knew him and had the blessing of having shared the love for an animal. I know this is part of life, but it still hurts so badly. Losing a great human being that has done so much good to so many lives is something no one can actually recover from, although with time you learn to get used to.

Bless you Emilio, and thanks for your good energy and deeds. Now that you’re in a better place, please keep helping us taking care of our dear friends and those in need, giving them the best life we can and working in being better humans everyday. Bless you, forever.

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