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Having a dog involves certain level of physical exercise requirements. Depending on the dog’s breed, you may need to cater for 30 mins to maybe hours of daily exercise. With Vizslas, you qualify for owner of one of the most active and exercise required dogs, so please take this into account. They are not classified as big dogs, but their exercise needs are quite huge… think very well if you want to get into this breed, as they can get really frustrated and even destructive if their physical requirements are not met. I really mean it. I have witnessed what a frustrated Vizsla can do. And don’t even think that a big house or garden will do. Your puppy won’t be happy if he or she is not mentally and physically challenged.


This breed was made to endure long hours of dynamic tireless work. Some people say they can get up to 40 km per day without feeling tired, and although I’ve never tried this long, I can ensure you, my Cooper Alexander has never been tired with any of my workout sessions. The longest I’ve done have been 23 km, not running though (I’m not in that good shape – for now), and this dog only requires water and keeps going on and on until you are the one who asks for mercy.

Cooper runs every day with his dad (except for Sundays, when he goes to the beach to run like crazy), every morning, 7 to 10 km (his dad is starting preparing for Ironman), and in the afternoons he enjoys an energetic walk with his mom, which is definitely not training for any marathon of any sort, but loves him so much, that walks every afternoon with him.

Apart from training, which is an absolute mandatory requirement for this breed, but a very good option for every dog anyway, you will need to walk your pup. The more the merrier. Three times a day would be the desirable, but if your daily commitments don’t allow it, twice (one in the morning before going to work and one in the afternoon when you get back from it) will have to do it. Make the best of them.

Sometimes, because of many daily commitments, we cannot give Cooper the exercise he needs. When this happens, we all regret it, as this very high-energy dog gets anxious and often has his running attacks, which we call “Correlonas” (zoomies) or “RunRun”s, and it’s clear that he’s making up for the exercise we weren’t able to get him to do.

During the walk, your dog may go to the toilet, and you have to let them do this. Also they like to sniff around and it’s normal and a requirement for them. But there are some general rules you need to follow when taking your dog outside if you want to be a responsible and civilized dog owner:


Make sure you’re wearing comfortable outfit: shoes is the most important part of this. I’m a Merrel lover, so I can’t deny I will recommend this brand, especially if you are going to parks and places where mud can be abundant: although I need to admit, after trying so many brands (I have a sprained foot that never healed well, and am very clumsy so really good stuff has to go with my feet), for walking and jogging Asics has really hit the spot. Just make sure you don’t get just the entry point of this brand, as it’s really… bad. 90 euro or more may a good pair of shoes cost.

 Always take your dog on a leash: even when your pet is the best-natured dog in the world, it’s illegal to have them unleashed, except for the places that are strictly dogs’ facilities.        


Bring with you bags for excrements, paper towels and alcohol gel. I mean it, accidents happen and you can get some of unwanted material on your hands… I’m speaking from experience and I have been thankful to the person who gave me this advice, as it’s been really useful indeed. Also, sometimes the excrements can stain a bit the floor or sidewalk and you may need to clean it up, the same way as you would like to find them clean. Bear in mind, there are people out there who don’t like dogs, and they are particularly sensitive about pets’ droppings in the street. The more you respect other people’s rights, the more you’re entitled yours to be respected. Make these people love you and your dog, in spite of  their aversion for pets.

Zoomies time


 Take your dog’s documentation always with you. A copy of these or even in your smartphone, please bear all the required documents: Owner’s certificate, vaccination certificate and micro-chip details. If you have a dog whose breed is considered dangerous, you also need the specific individual permit, and muzzle for the dog. Check out the breeds that are classified as dangerous in your country, state or even shire, as these may vary. When in doubt, please check with your vet. Don’t take any risks, fines up to 4000 euro can apply for people with dangerous dogs un-properly kept. Local police have all rights to ask you about all this info.

One more thing: if you have a medium or low energy needs dog, a quick walk two or three times per day will do it. If you have a very high energy dog, though, like Vizslas are, you are going to need more than 5 km to get this puppy somehow happy about going outside with you; also, slow walking is not their best choice. So really, get a good pair of shoes, get excited about having a friend that really takes you to workout, and start gaining health with your dog today! Why would you pay for a gym or a personal trainer when you can have a furry little friend really forcing you into a discipline of moving every single day of your life! and all this, only for your love! Isn’t that great? Well then, love your dog, enjoy your walks, and keep healthy with your daily routines.


Thanks for the reading, love your dog and take care!

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