My Paws – Bonus: Natural Moisturizer


Dogs’ paws are usually neglected. Cushions weaken as the dog ages, but without proper nutrition and basic care this appears earlier in life and can be really painful for your dog. Also, when the weather is too cold or if the surfaces they walk on are not the most appropiate, they can even get cracks on them, as you can see in the next picture. We applied a natural moisturiser and got these results after 3 days of treatment.

“Vaseline” is actually the brand of the very well known petroleum jelly-based products range owned by giant Unilever, most commonly used as a lubricant, moisture insulator and sometimes to protect minor cuts and burns. While its usage is widespread, the fact that this product comes from oil petrolatum (so yes, it’s no eco-friendly at all!), makes some people wary of it; and it should, as it’s actually just an occlusive agent. As such, it prevents the moisture to go outside.

You should not use this product in your dog. Instead, we’re sharing with you our ultimate recipe for Natural “Vaseline” or, as I like to call it, Natural Moisturiser and protector for dogs’ paws, nose and minor cuts. At the end of this recipe you’ll find a bonus note in case you want to use this natural moisturiser for yourself (it’s fantastic preventing lip crack and moisturising your skin in a gentle, all natural and eco-friendly way). Try it on, and your life will never be the same. You’ll see.

Again, the answer is in Mother Nature…

For 150g of this amazing home-made moisturiser all you will need is:

  2 tablespoons olive or almond oil
  1 tablespoon lanoline
 1 teaspoon cocoa or coconut butter
  2 teaspoons calendula oil
  10 drops Vitamin e
  1 tablespoon beeswax
1 tablespoon calendula flowers
1 tablespoon camomile
1 tablespoon green tea leaves
A double pan boiler set
A wood stick for steering


In your double pan boiler (or anything that serves the purpose!), put your container(s) with all ingredients except for Vitamin E and Calendula flower. Heat and steer until all components are liquid and fully mixed.

Then take them out of the pan, add the calendula flowers and Vitamin E, steer it a bit and leave it for cooling – after 15-20 minutes it will be OK.

Bonus for you (as a loving and caring dog owner, you deserve this tip!):

Make a second container for you, make sure that when you get it out of the heat, you add 1/2 teaspoon of Argan Oil and 5 drops of Rosehip essential oil. Steer it a bit (it will still be liquid), and that’s all. Apply it to your lips or any very dry areas of your skin and let me know how it went.  – but please do not use these 2 in your dog’s moisturiser.

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