Adopt A Friend

There are many dogs out there waiting for a home.

Although it‘s really cute and nice to have a dog since its very early age, rescuing a friend from a shelter of from any place that is causing them suffering is a really fulfilling experience and will make yourself proud of belonging to human kind. The good thing about an elder dog is that it usually has had already some kind of training, is more mature and quiet and shouldn’t be willing to destroy every leg of your furniture as almost every puppy does.

Consider elder dogs that have lost their owners due to death or because they moved out. These are often more balanced, have good manners and although may have some acquired customs, you always can re-shape these at some grade. Look out for kill shelters in the first place. There you will find wonderful dogs that may have lost their owners due to owner’s death and are waiting for a second chance, and these ones are the ones that need you most because they’re on the death row because the system cannot support them anymore and would “destroy” these if no one claims them.

It’s not an easy task, though; you’ll find yourself many times in uncertain places where you don’t even know what to do next: your dog will have a past that is unknown by you, so many reactions may even make you scare. But Love is always the answer, and Love will guide you. Just trust your guts, put a bit of effort and you’ll find the way. Every life matters.

Please help those little furry friends in need.

There are many places in Barcelona where you can go and see what dog may suit you.

A wise selection will be also the key for success. Think of the dog’s size, exercise and grooming needs, weight and food requirements, current health and definitely… the one who looks you in the eye and steels your heart, that one will make it one of the greatest friends ever.

There are several places in Barcelona where you can search for a new friend in need. So far I’ve been personally in contact with these and recommend them thoroughly: